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Top Destinations in Melaka/Malacca
Jonker Street
Jonker Street is the most popular and prominent street in the heart of Melaka town. Also known as the Chinatown in Melaka, it is manifested with art, craft, clothing and restaurants that can keep tourists happy and amused at all time.

Stathuys, the heritage of the proud Dutch era can be seen standing proudly in the heart of Melaka. Painted red in colour, this red building definitely an eye-catching structure is one of the most visited attractions around Melaka.

  Hatten Square
Hatten Square, is the latest and more high tech development that offers both retail and hospitality services for locals and tourists in Melaka.

Mahkota Parade
Mahkota Parade is the biggest shopping mall in Melaka. Situated at the neighboring land from the heart of Bandar Hilir, Melaka, it has a reddish brown structure that can be seen from far away

Alor Gajah
Alor Gajah being a humble district of Melaka sits gracefully at the north of Tampin town. Having one of the well-known theme parks in Malaysia, the A’Famosa

  Melaka Tengah
Melaka Tengah is a district of itself in the state of Melaka. Being a tourism center in nature, protecting all the historical monuments and sites under its care, many tourists had swarm this proud and noble land each holiday season.

  Melaka River
Malacca River is the most prominent sight that cuts through Malacca town towards the Straits of Malacca. It splits the commercial and the residential area at the foot of St. Paul’s hill

  Taming Sari Tower
Taming Seri Tower Melaka is located at the core of Bandar Hilir, and is just 3 minutes away from the renowned shopping malls, Dataran Pahlawan Megamall and Mahkota Parade.

  Tanjung Bidara
Tanjung Bidara Beach is the laying ground for the beautiful coastline of the Strait of Melaka. Having a breathtaking view in nature, this sanctuary is situated between Melaka and Port Dickson.

  Bandar Hilir
Bandar Hilir also known as Malacca City, located next to the Strait of Melaka is the capital city of Melaka.

Malacca is one of the best states to visit in Malaysia if one intends to know more about Malaysia’s and the state’s history. This is due to the fact that Malacca has went through a long history of colonialism; however, the Malacca today – although small – is a strong state which contributes a lot to the essence of the country. In Malacca, the two most important industries include the tourism industry as well as the manufacturing sector. It is also one of the must-go states for tourists to visit because it contains so many historical stories that are tightly related to Malaysia. Thus, if tourists want to know more about Malaysia, Malacca is definitely the place to be.

Tourists are expected to find many budget hotels in Malacca, in which most of these hotels are situated very near to famous tourist attractions. Besides, the transportation system in Malacca is also doing fairly well, thus saving the time needed for tourists to travel around. Amongst the tourist attractions that one can visit is the Jonker Street. The Jonker Street is the most famous attraction in Malacca featuring various local cultural elements.

To know more of the historical stories in the state, tourists can also visit The Stadthuys Malacca, The Baba Nyonya Museum, Portuguese Square, and also the St.Paul Church Malacca. All of these tourist attractions provide detailed explanations on the historical happenings and will definitely help tourists to understand more of the state’s essence and uniqueness.

Besides of the main three races (Malay, Chinese, Indian), various other ethnicities such as the Baba Nyonya and the Portuguese can also be found in the state. Thus, it is also a great chance for tourist to also learn more of these unique ethnicities when they visit Malacca.


















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